About Us

Open Online Theatre aims to elevate the quality of live-streamed performances. Because the IJAD Dance Company believes that audiences deserve more than simply putting a screen between their seat and the stage. This is only the beginning.

Every season, we invite artists to take part in our 12-week programme to learn from experts and develop work designed for digital viewing. Open Online Theatre is their virtual rehearsal space and performance venue.

Resident Artists Programme



Week 2 to 5


Week 6 to 11


Week 12


Elevating online viewing

Sensography is our 360° choreography technique. Coupled with digital expertise it allows our artists to create multi-camera live-stream performances that give our online audiences a better viewing experience.

Sustaining careers in the arts

Open Online Theatre enables artists to reach audiences that they otherwise wouldn’t – including curators and programmers – because of venue capacity, accessibility or geography. Not only that, we provide entrepreneurial guidance including how to grow and promote their practice.

Expanding reach for existing venues

We know we’re onto a good thing and we’re willing to share. If you’re a dancer, choreographer, director, curator or programmer that would like to discuss how you can share your work with more people through Open Online Theatre, get in touch: openonlinetheatre@ijaddancecompany.com.

Meet The Team

Ed Picard


Sarah Mace Dennis


Amy Lord

Marketing/ Social media

Dr John L Collins (Erasm.OS)

Business and innovation

Joumana Mourad

Artistic Director/ sensographer

Contact Us

If you’d like to be a resident artist in our next season, a programmer who’d like exclusive access to our artists’ work, or a performance company who would like to hold a digital festival through this platform. Email us right away: openonlinetheatre@ijaddancecompany.com