Clémence Debaig

A designer, dancer and computational artist. She creates work at the intersection of dance and technology, from interactive installations to performances. She is interested in creating new mechanics to collaborate with the audience while exploring notions of control, harassment and apathy, questioning how human behaviours are changed when using technology as a proxy to interact.

Clémence Debaig's Work With Us


Remote dancing? Let’s move together

How can we create a dance together without being in the same space? In this workshop, you will participate in the creation of a collaborative dance from the comfort of your home/office/studio.

Using custom technology specially created for the workshop, Clemence will invite you in the digital space to create a dance with other participants. Through simple tasks, you will be asked to record short clips of yourself that will be assembled in real-time to form a short dance film with all the participants.

The workshop is open to beginners and is family-friendly. Ask your friends to join and you will see yourself dancing together in the digital space!

by Clémence Debaig

11:00am, November 23, 2020

Price: £7:00


#3 Remote Intimacy – Wearables and speculative design

Join us to explore the possibilities of technology to develop new rituals around intimacy. Playing with wearables technology and speculative prototypes, you will be invited to ideate with us on the possibilities those objects can create. This is also an opportunity to discover how the prototypes are created and witness the process of working between dance and technology.

by Clémence Debaig

7:00pm, October 19, 2020

Price: £ 7.00

Clémence Debaig's Socials