Reem Naamani

Reem Naamani is a contemporary and classical ballet dancer based in Lebanon. She has danced with two acclaimed Arab companies, Sima Dance Company (Syria) and Beirut Dance Company (Lebanon) and is fascinated by contemporary dance using classical elements to grow with the modern to reflect and represent the world around us. She believes that once we delve deep into our bodies, we will be able to bring together the simplest of stories and the most controversial humanitarian issues.

Reem is the founder of Plie Dance Studio, which teaches classical ballet, hip hop/street jazz and contemporary dance. The studio aims to improve the budding local art scene in her hometown of Saida, where she has also directed contemporary dance performances that translated personal written texts into movement, tackling and portraying personal and societal topics.

She also works freelance on projects with local and international artists in mediums such as film and photography. Her work includes dance film (Un)common grounds by Klevis al-Mazaj, as well as projects with Yaraqa Dance and Barcelona based videographer Manon Houard.

Reem Naamani's Work With Us


Social transcendence

I will be opening my rehearsal spaces online for you to collaborate with me, and see your ideas and mine growing into a multi faceted expression coming out of Lebanon […]

by Reem Naamani

7:00pm, October 18, 2020

Price: £5.00

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