What is Open Online Theatre?

Open Online Theatre (OOT) is a live streaming platform that offers performing artists the chance to monetise their live streamed work. The 12 week OOT programme offers performing artists 5 training modules: Sensography (how to choreograph or devise work for live streaming using up to 4 cameras) Filming for live streaming, Editing for live streaming, Social Media to harness audiences, and Business advice for a sustainable career.

How is Open Online Theatre Funded?

OOT has project funding from Arts Council England and The D’Oyly Carte Charitable Trust. This covers a great deal of the costs. Participating artists or their supporting venues contribute 10% of the full cost of the course, which is currently £550 per artist.


Who can participate?

Performing artists of any kind can take part in OOT: dancers, theatre companies, circus performers, comedy acts, live artists and hybrid, cross-genre acts.

How many days does the OOT programme run for?

The program runs for 12 weeks, which include 5 days of training modules, 2 days of hands-on rehearsal sessions, 10 hours of mentorship per artist, and participation in a 3 day live streamed arts festival.

How do I apply?

Please email us at hello@ijaddancecompany.com to register interest and we will send you an application form once the programme is open.

Do I need to attend all days?

If possible, we’d like you to attend the 5 days of training modules to get the most from the program. If there are sessions you can’t attend, we’ll send or give you literature that will cover the basics, and you can speak to module leaders about sections you’ve missed. It’s important you attend all the sessions on Sensography, Filming and Editing, if you can.

Will the training modules be recorded?

Part of the sessions will be filmed for documentary purposes, not as a learning tool. Each leader will give course notes.

How is the program delivered?

The training modules and festival will be delivered at a London venue. The non-technical sessions (business and social media) may be live-streamed. We recommend in-person attendance by students where and if possible, as the sensography, film and editing modules include practical content.

How do we monetise our live-streamed work during the programme?

The business module leader will suggest different options for doing this. Generally speaking, you will be able to sell tickets for online audiences to attend and/or co-create with you during your R&D period, and also for your performance in the OOT Festival.

What happens to the money generated by ticket sales?

You keep 69% of the cost of each ticket, and 31% will cover IJAD’s technical costs. All of your monetised R&D and co-creation will be ticketed, as well as your audience for the festival. You will set the price. The business mentor will advise on this.

How do I pay for the course?

We ask you to pay for the programme before the start date via bank transfer.

Can I attend part of the course?

We recommend attending the full course. If you miss a session you can speak to the course leader during a mentorship session, and you will have access to the session notes.

If I choose not to continue with the course, will I get a refund?

Once committed you will not be refunded. There is a limited number of spaces available, and you may have prevented someone else taking part.

How often can I speak to the module leaders?

Over the 12 weeks you are allocated 2 hours mentorship with each module leader, so 10 hours mentorship in all. This can be broken down in different ways.

How much time must I spend on the OOT modules, mentorship, and OOT Festival?

We encourage you to take your time and assimilate the teaching. It’s up to you how much time you spend on developing your piece between the training modules and the festival. It depends on your pace of working and the time you have available. We only ask you to put the learning into practice by working on your piece during this period and to make the best of the available mentorship and streaming opportunities.

What type of event can I monetise via the OOT platform during R&D?

  • Workshops
  • Co-creation rehearsals
  • Performances
  • The OOT Festival

Will I be able to keep in touch with the other OOT artists?

We will introduce you to each other at the start of the programme and we hope you will form a peer to peer community for shared reflection and support. We will start a Whatsapp OOT group to facilitate this.

What technical equipment will I need?

You will need a mobile phone or camera you can film on, and a laptop for editing

Who attends the OOT Festival?

It is open to all. It will be attended by the audiences all the artists have generated throughout the course, those thatOOT has gathered via publicity, general audiences and specially invited programmers and curators. The Festival will be streamed at various venues making this the equivalent of a 6 date tour!


Why do you charge to watch the performances?

We believe in supporting artists to have sustainable careers, and that everybody benefits from the arts. This is an opportunity for you to support the arts and artists.

How do I find out about the latest performances?

You can find out about our events on the Whats On page of this website, and each artist will be announcing their own performances and streamed content.

How do I collaborate with artists?

Each artist will be posting their own opportunities and tasks on their pages, asking you to co-create through a mixture of social media, and streaming rehearsals and workshops. They will provide the necessary links and information.

How do I buy tickets?

Go to our Whats On page and choose your event from the Explore More section.

What’s the difference between a workshop, co-creation, performance and festival?

Workshops may be streamed by artists which offer ways for audiences to develop their practice, or in which to creatively participate.

Co-creation is when an artist streams their rehearsal and asks online audiences for suggestions about how to develop the work. This is done live, in real time, and you will see them try out your suggestions which may be incorporated into their finished work.

Performance will be a live streamed piece of work (dance, theatre, live art) offered by the artist.

The Festival will be a group of artists each live streaming a short work at the same event.,