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by Daisy Harrison

Time: 4:00pm, November 11, 2020

Price: £8.00

Flying/Falling is an immersive performance, exploring the delicate tipping point between the experiences of flying and falling.

Everybody has experienced the feeling of the rug being pulled from under their feet recently. We question how much ownership do you have over the perception of your experience? Do you choose to fly or fall? Or is the experience out of your hands?

In this workshop, take part in a short class and learn some of the movement content from the upcoming duet ‘Flying/Falling’ and experience soaring and tumbling first hand in your home or studio!

The dancers will end the workshop with a short teaser of the performance that will appear in full for the OOT Festival November 27th +28th. There will be an opportunity to feedback on this snippet, and ask questions at the end of the workshop.