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by Reem Naamani

Time: 7:00pm, October 16, 2020

Price: £0:00

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In September 2020, I was commissioned by IJAD Dance Company, based in the UK, to participate in their Open Online Theatre (OOT) Programme, OOT is a specialized platform for the performing arts. IJAD’s agile technology created OOT to provide a different dimension to the world of theatres, offering an exciting lifeline to artists and venues by connecting them to global audiences. Myself and 5 other theatre and performance practitioners are set to produce performances for the festival which is set to be 27/28 November 2020. As an artist, the OOT platform, will give me the opportunity to showcase my performance virtually and reach a wider audience. The audience will be able to engage with my work during rehearsals to help in co-creating the final performances. My place on the program has been subsidized by the company with the goal of supporting a Lebanese artist after the recent crisis that has hit Lebanon. My name is Reem Naamani, and I am a contemporary and classical ballet dancer based in Lebanon.