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Open Online Theatre is a virtual rehearsal and performance space allowing artists to collaborate with their community and create shows designed primarily for live streaming. Making it easier for existing venues to see the work of emerging talent.

Every season we welcome resident artists to take part in our 12-week programme.


Strategy, community management, technology and performance.


Collaboration with online audiences.


IJAD’s 360° choreography, filming, and editing process.


Two-day live-stream arts festival.

Season 2020 is here

We've welcomed our resident artists and the training has begun. Get involved with a co-creation session soon.

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Watch some of our favourite performances from past seasons.



Flying/Falling is an immersive performance, exploring the delicate tipping point between the experiences of flying and falling. Everybody has experienced the feeling of the rug being pulled from under their feet recently. We question how much ownership do you have over the perception of your experience? Do you choose to fly or fall? Or is […]

by Daisy Harrison

4:00pm, October 21, 2020

Price: £7.00


Social transcendence

I will be opening my rehearsal spaces online for you to collaborate with me, and see your ideas and mine growing into a multi faceted expression coming out of Lebanon.

by Reem Naamani

7:00pm, October 18, 2020

Price: £5.00


Touch Outlaws

O. Pen Be says: “By joining me on the OOT platform you can help me explore this shadowy half existence and lack of wholeness.”

by O. Pen Be

7:00pm, October 20, 2020

Price: 0:00


Touch Outlaws

“I’ll be opening my studio online for you to join me as I explore how our sense of touch is being affected at this time? How do you experience people and spaces around you, how does your body manage without hugs to mark beginnings and endings? Do you worry about contaminating others or being contaminated by their bodily presence? Or perhaps you’ve felt released from social expectations of hugging everyone? How do you stay IN touch with sensations while taking care of self and others? And what’s helped you stay connected to your full 3D self? I invite you to share real-time responses using the chat window in the live streaming session”

by O. Pen Be

7:00pm, October 22, 2020

Price: £5.00


#3 Remote Intimacy – Wearables and speculative design

Join us to explore the possibilities of technology to develop new rituals around intimacy. Playing with wearables technology and speculative prototypes, you will be invited to ideate with us on the possibilities those objects can create. This is also an opportunity to discover how the prototypes are created and witness the process of working between dance and technology.

by Clémence Debaig

7:00pm, October 19, 2020

Price: £ 7.00

This Season's Residents

Reem Naamani
Sandra Hall
Clémence Debaig
O. Pen Be
Lauren Tucker
Daisy Harrison