Code Of Conduct

Ijad Dance Company – Code of Conduct for Performers and Audience Members of ijad’s open online streaming theatre platformstr

Individuals participating in Ijad’s Open Online Theatre Programme, whether as a performer or as an audience member, are required to abide by this code of conduct which sets out the standard and professional practice expectations of Ijad.

Our mission

Ijad exists to explore the combination of choreography, science and technology, and understanding the benefit these can offer to the dance industry and the human body. Ijad is dedicated to offering a space where confidence, creativity and innovation is encouraged to grow and prosper.
Confidence, creativity and innovation can only be achieved in a space that is free from discrimination and harassment, regardless of identified gender, age, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, religion or sexual orientation.

We at Ijad are therefore committed to ensuring that we create and maintain such a space, and will take appropriate action against any person breaching the principles set out herein in order to protect and promote the Ijad dance community as a place for individuals to meet in an open and encouraging environment, without fear.

What we do at Ijad

At Ijad, we treat everyone with respect, whether they are a staff member, a performer, audience member or any other individual.

We all behave professionally in whatever we do, promoting Ijad’s aims and working together to create workshops and performances that will inspire and uplift others, whether these are online, offline, using virtual reality or not, shared via social media, streaming or otherwise. We expect everyone to contribute to ensuring the safety of others.

We provide encouragement, so that those participating as performers, choreographers, theatre-makers, circus-makers, dancers, producers and anyone else working in the field of performance arts on Ijad’s Open Online Theatre will hopefully continue to work with, and grow professionally with, Ijad. We provide a safe community which encourages creativity, innovation and collaboration between performance and audience members. and so that audience members.

All individuals that are a part of Ijad’s Open Online Theatre should act responsibly and respectfully when using social media.

What we do not do at IJAD

We do not tolerate any discrimination, derogatory behaviour or speech, or harassment in whatever form.

What do we consider harassment and unacceptable at Ijad?

  • Sexist, ageist, ableist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, classist, or otherwise discriminatory or abusive language and actions.
  • Personal insults or bullying. This includes audience members posting derogatory and/or hurtful comments to performances posted online.
  • Stalking, intimidation, harassment or following (online or in person).
  • Violence, threats of violence or violent language directed against another person. This includes posting gratuitously violet material.
  • Unwelcome attention, grooming or any form of sexual abuse. This includes sexualized comments or jokes; inappropriate touching, groping, and unwelcome sexual advances. This includes posting gratuitously sexually explicit content.
  • Hacking of another’s personal accounts or information.
  • Copyright infringement and other offences infringing another’s intellectual property rights.
  • Encouraging any of the above behaviour.

Ijad shall allow discussions or images related to sex, discriminatory language, or similar if it is a personal sharing of the performer and is shared in a respectful manner, aimed at furthering meaningful and thoughtful consideration of the topic.

Performers’ own views

Notwithstanding the fact that Ijad requires performers to abide by this code of conduct and the standards set out within, the views and opinions expressed by performers in their work are their own and do not necessarily reflect the view of Ijad.

Ijad provides a platform for individuals to explore and express their own thoughts, but Ijad does not take responsibility for such expression.

Where Ijad becomes aware of a violation of this code of conduct and the principles it expects all to abide by, it will take appropriate action in accordance with the below.

How to Report a Code of Conduct Violation

If you are being or have been subject to any of the above prohibited behaviours, or notice that someone else is being or has been subjected to any of these, or have any other concerns, please contact Joumana Mourad or [●] immediately at

All messages will be treated confidentially. Ijad endeavours to resolves such concerns in a prompt and sensitive manner.

What Will Happen in the Case of a Conduct Violation?

Individuals asked by Ijad staff or another individual participating in Ijad’s mission to stop any harassing behaviour are expected to comply immediately.

If an individual engages in any of the aforementioned behaviour and it is reported, Ijad staff may take any action we deem appropriate, from warning the offender, to immediately removing the offender from Ijad’s Open Online Theatre and banning them from participating in and/or viewing Ijad performances.