by Eleni Mylona

Time: 7:30pm, November 12, 2017

Price: Free

"CAGE is a solo piece on loneliness and consequences on a personal level.
The concept for me started as a state that voluntarily one person chooses to exist in, starting from myself (representing anyone who has experienced this situation) because something external has happened, which was shocking and has changed his/her view of life.
CAGE for me is a celebration of self worth after painful loss, of emotional strength to go through this difficult period resulting to physical strength.
CAGE is an honest piece about all stages of loss, from shock, to acceptance, to sadness, to anger, to freedom from the past and to discover love for the self that has been forgotten. All these emotions happen not in a linear order but many times they interconnect and happen at the same time, or repeatedly within each separate phase.
CAGE is about accepting who we are no matter what has happened to us, or how it affected us. It is a positive piece on moving forward, feeling proud and accomplished after a personal struggle. Ultimately CAGE is strength in the self that once found, cannot be forgotten."